Sunday, May 31, 2009


So I only did cardio for like 30 minutes yesterday, and I am back up almost a pound. I did no food or drink cheating. Am I destined to be a person that has to work out a shitload or I gain from just looking at food? Hopefully my BFF will have T today so I can go to the gym. There is no childcare on Sunday's.

Saturday, May 30, 2009

I cut my hair! And more weight lost

I cut my hair yesterday! I got a subtle stack cut, almost 5 inches off! I really like it, even though it will obviously be more work than simply pulling it back. Speaking of pulling it back, I can still pull the top/front up if I want. I "may" go get some more "stacking" in the back in a couple days, I am doing baby steps. As soon as I find the memory card for my camera I will take a picture.

I am also down another pound. Apparently its true what they (whoever they may be) that diet alone is not enough. And I suppose that also makes it true that a good diet ALONG with exercise will make you lose weight. Who'd a thunk it??

So yesterday was a 1 mile walk to the gym, 10 on the eliptical, 10 on the bike, the 1 mile walk back to my office and then another 1 mile walk after lunch.

And EVEN THOUGH its Saturday I will go to the gym this morning. They have a great child care center for Tanner to play in. I am going to TRY for an hour of cardio.

The food continues to be mainly good. I have modified my next order to have more of what I like and to especially include more of my favorite crunchy deserts.

Thursday, May 28, 2009

FitFlops and other stuff....

This may not be new news to anyone else, but there are actually flip flops that help you tone your legs. My mom got me some and they arrived today. Ever the sceptic I put them on and proceeded on a 1/2 mile walk.

Holy shit.

I will say it again, Holy.Shit.

They really do work your calves. I also feel issues with my knees, which honestly needed surgery YEARS ago, so hopefully they just need to get worked a little so I can keep wearing the FitFlops.

In other news, I am down another pound. So in 10 days I am down a total of 8 pounds. I have been able to wear several t-shirts that I have not been able to in years. I can see it in my face for sure. Tomorrow is "big girl haircut day". I "think" I am going with a longer stacked cut. But we shall see.

I went onto my Nutra System account a few minutes ago and edited my next order. Just like anything, I have food I love (lasagna, rotini with meatballs, soy chips, etc) and stuff I don"t (eggs, soups, fettuccine).

Exercise has been OK this week. Went on Monday and did 40 minutes of cardio. Tuesday, Wednesday and today have just been walks, about 1-1.5 miles per day. Tomorrow morning I will walk to the gym (1 mile), do 30 minutes cardio (bike), then walk (1 mile back). And if its not too crazy a walk after lunch.

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Back on it!

(Not what I WANT to be on, but this is not that kind of blog, teehee)

As of this am I am 1 pound from where i was before my weekend of debauchery.

So I mentioned before about the frozen food, right? You would think I would love it, but I actually prefer most of the stable food more. Although the frozen Asian Beef with rice and veggies was YUMMY!

A word of warning to anyone thinking of doing this. You will get gassy. Seriously. Like any minute I expect the EPA to come in and issue me a citation. Thank goodness I have my own office. But still, random eruptions where my chair bounces, not so fun.

Tuesday, May 26, 2009


Turns out my weekend of fun actually made me gain 2 pounds. CRAP.

Monday, May 25, 2009

One week down!

Although I suppose if I am being honest its not really been a week since I kind of took Saturday night off to have drinks with the girls. And because of those drinks, I was not well enough Sunday to do dieting. I was not too bad though, as I only gained 6 ounces.

Today I was back in the saddle again! Since its a holiday I took Tanner to the gym with me while I worked out.

I am thinking about getting a big girl haircut. And by big girl I do NOT mean fat, I mean ADULT. The pounds I have lost I have lost in my face. And it would be nice at almost 34 years old to have an actual haircut.

I am off to have my desert. MMMMMM

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Wow....this works!

When I weighed this morning I was down ANOTHER two pounds. Crazy shit. That means since I started Monday am (yeah, 4 days ago) I have lost 2 pounds per day. Seriously crazy.

And the food is still good. I try something new every meal. I of course have duplicates on some items, but I want to try everything I have so I know what I do and do not like for the next order.

Exercise is going well also. Today was the usual walk to and from the gym (2 miles r/t) and 10 on the ellipitcal and 15 on the bike. Then after lunch another mile walk.

I feel better. I sleep better. And I can already tell in my face that I am losing weight. I have not tried on any clothes that were too snug yet. I pretty much live in jogging pants, a t-shirt and sneakers since at any moments notice I am apt to go walk or something.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why Nutra System Rocks

In no particular order:

1. The food is generally good
2. I do not have to think about where to go to lunch, what to make for dinner
3. It is way cheaper than eating most meals out, duh.
4. I GOT A WHOLE WEEK OF FROZEN FOOD DELIEVRED FREE TODAY! And its GOOD SHIT! Like smoothies, Philly cheessteaks, breakfast burritos, etc. I was seriously so excited I call NS to make sure this was not a mistake.
5. Cause I lost ANOTHER 2 pounds.

Go me!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

2 pounds!

Fuck! 2 pounds lost in one day! I am sure cutting my calories by like 10,000 and walking 3 miles helped. Ya think Einstein?

So today was good. I mean as good as a day can be without going to Old Venice for Crawfish Rolls, or Ajax for Country Fried Steak, or Abner's for a Spicy Chicken Wrap with fries. Or real Southern Sweet Tea. Or a sausage mcmuffin. Seeing a pattern here?

Breakfast was a hardboiled egg, peach and peanut butter granola bar.
Lunch was salad with grilled chicken and chicken salad.
Dinner was cabbage, salad and sweet and sour chicken.

Looking at it all written down that is a hella-lot-of-fowl.

I also walked a mile to the gym, did 15 on the treadmill and 10 on a bike before walking a mile back.

I feel good. Seeing that scale this morning TOTALLY motivated me. And I needed it since the egg for breakfast had me into the bathroom more than a plumber in a condemned house.

So I am hopeful for tomorrow's weigh in. And I am excited about my desert in a few minutes. I think I will close my eyes and just grab one. Like the World's 8th wonder...what shall I eat??

Monday, May 18, 2009

The State Mental Facility

It could have gone either way, Day 1 of the diet. Either it was going to be OK or I was going to end up in the nuthouse. I am happy (for me, maybe not for y'all!) to say I am in fact in MY house, and not trying to eat the baseboards or bark off my trees.

You actually get to eat a surprising amount of food on this plan. Its just not cake, chips, know, the good stuff.

Breakfast was a piece of cheese, banana and a NS(Nutra System) chocolate scone.

Lunch was NS Red Beans and Rice. Now I do not like this under normal circumstances, but thought I would give it a try. Turns out I really do not like it under ANY circumstances. I also had 2 ounces of chicken I cooked in garlic (watch out asshole vampires!) and cabbage.

My afternoon snack was another small amount of chicken and some grapes.

Dinner was awesome. I had NS Rotini and meatballs. This shit is AWESOME. It tastes JUST like Chef Boyardee. YUMMY! I also had a salad (spring mix, 2 small carrots, some cucumber and some bell pepper) with low-fat Italian dressing. I also had some more cabbage.

Desert will be shortly and I plan to have a biscotti.

As far as exercise I walked one mile to the gym, did 13 minutes of the elipitcal, 9 on the bike, then walked an hour home. I also walked an additional mile after lunch.

I have cooked more foods for the days to come.

I am hoping that I have lost at least 10 pounds by tomorrow. Because my plan is to have lost all 40 pounds by Friday.

Friday, May 15, 2009

The Trough

I am like a pig at a trough. Seriously. My dinner consists of chips, dip and beer. I know you are jealous, cause its damn good. But if I am honest with myself (which I HATE being, cause I am an abrasive bitch, or so I have been told) this is a bad idea. What I SHOULD be doing this weekend in preparing my body for smaller portions, and the most important part: no alcohol. It brings tears to my eyes to even write that. My beer. My true companion. I feel like Juliet when she thinks Romeo is dead. (Have I mentioned I am a tad dramatic?)

So I have not always been one to do what I SHOULD over what I WANT. Of course I do when it comes to my kid and my job, but it pretty much ends there. Which is why today's Kroger trip consisted of purchasing the following:

  • Bread (for the kiddo)
  • Chips
  • Dip
  • Cookie mix
  • Beer
  • Hot dogs
Damn, I am so close to being a nutritionist its scary.

Anyway...I have done some good things today also. I had a salad for lunch. Impressed? Don't be. It was a "Black and Blue" Salad. So in addition to having lettuce (duh) it had steak and was slathered in blue cheese dressing. Proof that salad does not equal healthy. I did come home early from work and planted some bulbs by my mailbox. And I spent almost two hours rearranging furniture in my house. And that was a workout: moving a dining room table, sofa bed, china cabinet and the beer bottle to my lips. I am exhausted.

Tomorrow I will clean, and if you saw this house you would KNOW that is a workout. I may have to eat the cookies just to get enough energy to get it all done. Taking one for the team, that's me.

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Dieting sucks....being fat sucks more

I am fat. There is no denying it. I am fat. Actually I might even be considered obese. Oh fuck it, I AM considered obese, there is no "might" about it.

This is not new. Once I got engaged in 2004 I started to gain weight. "I have a man, I can no longer need to worry about my weight". That led to "I am a married woman, who cares what I weigh"! Then of course was "I am pregnant! The baby NEEDS fajitas and chocolate ice cream. The baby complains if he does not get donuts! And classic Coke. Its FOR MY BABY!".

Then the baby comes and I am left with this fat mess, but now its even better. Because now it has STRETCH MARKS! A bonus. Because what I have going on here is not NEARLY hideous enough, lets make it worse. And yes, hell yes the baby was worth it. But I still have the right to complain. In fact, I will NEVER give up my right to complain about anything. Ever.

So then I get rid of the husband (YAY ME!) and since I have a young child who eats formula and baby food, I am "forced" to eat junk food, because really, who the hell likes to cook for one? Sure as shit not me.

Now its 2 years later and I keep buying new clothes. And not in the fun way. In the I am too fat to wear the 7 (yes, SEVEN) pair of jeans in my closet, so I get to go to "that" (read: FAT) section of the store and get fat jeans. You know, the kind with LYCRA in them. Yeah, those. And I only buy one pair because I am still convinced I will wake up one morning a size 10 again. I am actually quite pissed off that has not happened yet. I mean, what the fuck? All that "When you wish upon a star" is obviously bullshit.

end rant. (for now at least)

So last week I decide enough is enough. If only I could have someone say "This is what you eat for breakfast, lunch, etc". Then I remember Nutra System. I had half-assed done it last year and it worked. But I was still in my "whatever" stage, so I quit. Well, I am quite determined to do it this time. Rather than say I will do it until I lose 40 pounds, I have decided to take a month at a time. The food arrived today. One month of meals (b'fast, lunch, dinner and deserts) for a month. It fits into two of my kitchen drawers. Its going to suck I am sure, as I love food. I get excited about where to eat lunch at 9 am. But I WILL do this.

Oh, did I mention that to further torture myself I also joined the gym!? Yeah, I will go 3-4 days a week. It will suck. I HATE, HATE exercise. I loved playing sports in high school, but plain exercise...fuck that.

Monday is D-Day. Start day. Starve day. I cannot wait. (If you believe that well...your a moron.)